Cicikom was founded in Izmir in 1986. It produces women pyjamas, nightgowns and men pyjamas and presented brand new designs. It widespread its products firstly in its region and later in Turkey all by believing the motto always the best in the production process.

Cicikom has been using the computer technologies since 1990 in the designs, making formats, in the cuttting and in every phase of production.

The fact that grasping the world standards in the form of the production and caring the environment and human rights has been certified by the important companies of Europe.


The Cicikom products:
Woman: pyjamas, nightgowns, morning gowns, sweat suit
Man: pyjamas, sweat suit, t-shirt, sweat shirt
Children: pyjamas, nightgowns, sweatsuit, blouse, t-shirt, sweatshirt

The materials used: Cotton, viskon, Lyocell, Micro PA, Micropes, Tactel, Modal, Jersey with elastan, Interlok, two filament, Rachel knitting.

Cicikom serves you with its expert staff who makes the marketing in every region in more than 300 franchises and in the shops in Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey.

It makes an increasing number of sales to the distinguished shop-chains in Holland, Russia, England, Spain, Italy, slovenia, Germany, and France.